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Joshua Koo, founder and lead of ALPHAG3N, speaks at TheWaveSeoul conference at COEX in Seoul, Korea 


Seoul, South Korea


June 29th, 2023

TheWaveSeoul Conference

TheWaveSeoul conference is a premier tech in Seoul, South Korea for those who are interested in the latest advancement in future technology, especially Web3 and AI.

Joshua Koo, founder and lead of ALPHAG3N, participated as the only high-schooler at TheWaveSeoul Conference in Korea, where he presented about how the MZ and younger generations are reacting to technologies such as Web3 and AI. ​

Joshua had roughly 35 minutes to present and there were around 200 participants, ranging from entrepreneurs to news reporters to prominent figures in the Web3 and AI industries.  


TheMiilk Interview

Joshua Koo, founder and lead of ALPHAG3N, was interviewed by the digital media platform based in Silicon Valley, TheMiilk. Following a deep dive into his background as a student and tech enthusiast, he expressed his thoughts on the current scene in AI and Web3 and the impact it will have on the younger (future) generation.  The image on the right is linked to the interview. 

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